Hybrid Amps

A hybrid amp combines both tube and solid-state circuitry. In a hybrid amp, the preamp uses a tube to create the initial sound, and the power amp uses solid-state circuitry to drive the speakers. This method uses the tube where it has the most effect on the sound. This is a great for both your wallet and your biceps! When it comes to guitar amps, generally all you ever hear about when picking one out is tube versus solid state. But what if there was another choice that combined the best of both? That’s where hybrid combo guitar amps come in to play. Blending the rugged reliability of a solid state transistor with the warmth and character-filled tone of a tube amp, hybrid models open up a whole new world of performance to musicians everywhere. And because everything found in this section is a combo design, you’ll have an all-in-one setup allowing you to play at a moment’s notice.