We connect you to potential teachers and provide our interactive syllabus to work through with your teacher.

Alternately you may prefer to subscribe or buy the syllabus to work through at your own pace. You also have the option of using the syllabus and contacting a teacher whenever you feel you would benefit from a one to one lesson or just simply need some professional tips.

Whatever option you decide at Veevar Guitar you will an find an online community of students and teachers along with a fun an engaging syllabus helping you improve your playing


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All your lessons are taught face to face by a local tutor chosen by you from our handpicked selection of professional teachers. We also provide the option of online one to one lessons if you can’t find a teacher in your area.

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Our syllabus has been created by the experienced professional guitarists at Veevar Guitar. Your teacher will guide you through the 5 levels helping to make learning the guitar much more rewarding than traditional methods.


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Work Through The sylabus

The syllabus is always there, so you can practice and refine your technique at home with the help of our online videos and example resources.