Frequently Asked Questions

How much do lessons cost?

The amount charged for a lesson depends on your location in the UK. For example lessons in places like London are more expensive than in areas outside of London. Lesson fees are shown on each each teachers bio.

How do I find a teacher in my area?

Go to the ‘find a teacher’ page and type your postcode in the box provided. The nearest teachers will appear. You can read the teachers bios which also lists their playing specialties. Use the contact tutor button to get in touch with the teachers directly.

I can’t find a teacher in my area?

We are always recruiting or on the lookout for teachers to join us. If we don’t have a teacher in your area yet all is not lost. You can use our syllabus at your own pace and you’ll find teachers and forums on our site to help you if you get stuck. Do you know a great guitar teacher in your area? if so let us know we’d love to speak with them.

Do you offer free trial lessons?

We recommend to our teachers that they offer a free trial lesson to all new students. However, this is at the teachers discretion. Contact the teacher you are interested in having lessons with for more details.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

All of our teachers have a cancellation policy which is at their discretion. Contact individual teachers for more information. You can cancel your online membership at any time.

What will I learn in the syllabus?

The syllabus consists of 5 Levels which have are made up modules. Within each module there are chapters which include Technique, Chords, Scales, Theory, Ear Training and Sight Reading. There are video demonstrations of the chapters on the syllabus page.

Do you offer online lessons?

Yes, you can arrange online lessons with any of our teachers that offer this service. Click on teachers’ bio’s to see if they provide online lessons.

Do you have teachers outside of the UK?

We don’t currently offer one to one lessons in person outside of the UK. You can still use our syllabus at your own pace and find teachers and forums on the site where you can find advice and guidance on your playing. You also have the option of online lessons as mentioned above.

I need advice on equipment

We have guides for guitars, amplifiers and effects in our resource section. We also have forums in the syllabus section of the site where you’ll find plenty of people whether they are teachers or other students willing to help you with any questions you may have.

Can anyone play guitar?

Of course, becoming proficient on a musical instrument is possible for anyone. Like anything its all about the level of effort and commitment you put into it. It does require practice, an hour a week is enough to make progress. With that in mind the more practice you do the better you will improve. We’re sure whatever level you want to reach, whether you are a complete beginner or already a proficient guitarist seeking to improve certain areas of your playing our interactive syllabus will help you get there.

How do I get started?

You can subscribe to the course by going to the ‘shop’ page on the website.