Changing Guitar Strings –Tech Tips #12

Changing Guitar Strings –
Tech Tips #12

In this special episode of Tech Tips Joe Barefoot talks through the process of changing a set of guitar strings. With only a brief cameo from his usual partner in crime, Gareth, Joe gives us a wide range of helpful tips and tricks for when changing strings. This will...
Guitar Strings Explained –Tech Tips #11

Guitar Strings Explained –
Tech Tips #11

In this episode, Joe and Gareth break down everything you need to know about guitar strings. From half-round to flat-wound and round-wound, they cover all the different types and materials. Starting with string-gauge and its effect on tone and feel, they discuss some...
Guitar Picks Explained –Tech Tips #10

Guitar Picks Explained –
Tech Tips #10

Today, Joe and Gareth talk us through the ins and outs of guitar picks and their varying sizes and materials. From tortex to nylon, and acrylic to carbon, they cover a range of materials from different brands. They also discuss how certain materials can be better for...
Guitar Tuning Pegs Explained –Tech Tips #9

Guitar Tuning Pegs Explained –
Tech Tips #9

In this episode, Joe and Gareth discuss all things guitar tuning pegs. From standard and locking tuners to vintage-style split posts, they cover all the essentials about this important part of the guitar. They also cover the names of different parts of tuning pegs and...
Guitar Controls Explained –Tech Tips #8

Guitar Controls Explained –
Tech Tips #8

In this short and sweet episode of Tech Tips, Gareth and Joe cover the basics of guitar controls. They discuss the two most common systems; the three-way toggle and five-way selector. They also cover the corresponding tone and volume controls and how these differ from...
Guitar Pickups Explained –Tech Tips #7

Guitar Pickups Explained –
Tech Tips #7

Today, Gareth and Joe run the gamut on all things guitar pickups. From single coils to humbuckers and hot rails to actives, they cover the range of options found on most guitars. Have you ever wondered what pickups your guitar has or why certain pickups sound so...
Guitar Fretboards Explained –Tech Tips #6

Guitar Fretboards Explained –
Tech Tips #6

Today, Gareth and Joe go in-depth on the sometimes confusing topic of guitar fretboards and the woods they’re made from. Aiming to shed some light on this subject, they explain the different types of wood commonly used for guitar fretboards. From maple to mahogany and...
Guitar Frets Explained – Tech Tips#5

Guitar Frets Explained – Tech Tips

In this episode, Gareth and Joe cover everything you need to know about guitar frets and why they’re so important. From all the different shapes, sizes and materials, they explain how each of these can affect tone and intonation differently. It’s well known that frets...
Guitar Necks Explained – Tech Tips#4

Guitar Necks Explained – Tech Tips

This week Joe and Gareth breakdown guitar necks for us and explain all the different shapes and sizes available. From the slimmer C and D shapes to the chunkier U and V shapes. Joe and Gareth cover all types and describe how the different profiles of a guitar neck...
Guitar Nuts Explained – Tech Tips#3

Guitar Nuts Explained – Tech Tips

Today we’re delving into the world of guitar nuts with our Tech Tip gurus, Gareth Cirket and Joe Barefoot. Much like their edible counterparts, guitar nuts also come in a number of different varieties each with a different purpose. From plastic and bone nuts, to...
Bridges Explained – Tech Tips#2

Bridges Explained – Tech Tips

Ever wondered what guitar bridges are actually for, and why different guitars have different styles of bridges? Well, this week Gareth Cirket and Joe Barefoot return with another episode of Tech Tips to tell you all about them! They cover everything from ‘stop-tails’...
Parts of The Guitar – Tech Tips#1

Parts of The Guitar – Tech Tips

Need help with learning about the different parts of the guitar? Look no further!! In this first episode of our new series called Tech Tips, Gareth Cirket and Joe Barefoot break it all down for you. From the top of the headstock to the bottom of the body, they cover...


The Heart of Veevar Guitar Welcome to this fourth post in our series of articles introducing you to Veevar Guitar. In the last few posts, we’ve looked at our improved website and awesome new features like the tutor search engine and live chat. We also had a...


Today we’re continuing the preview of our online guitar syllabus with part two of our lesson on basic guitar technique. This lesson is taken from the beginner’s level of our syllabus, level one. This level features a range of lessons on areas such as technique,...


Over the next two posts, we’ll be giving you a preview of our syllabus and how it works. In this first part, we will be looking at a lesson from Level 1 of the syllabus where we explore exercises for basic guitar technique. This beginner’s level lesson looks at the...