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Q – What do I get in my subscription?

A – Access to all 4 levels of our syllabus, with level 5 soon to be released. This covers everything a guitarist needs to know from beginner to advanced and professional levels of playing. Your subscription also includes any future releases and additions to the syllabus including our Lick of The Week series.

Q – What is in the syllabus?
A – The syllabus consists of 5 levels which are each made up of multiple modules. Modules consist of chapters that cover the following areas: Technique, Chords, Scales, Theory, Ear Training and Sight Reading.

These chapters follow a specific sequence to help you build your skills and knowledge in a structured and methodical way. However, you can also jump in and out of different chapters based on your own musical interests and current level of playing.

Q – How is the syllabus interactive?
A – We use Soundslice interactive musical notation software with our videos. This gives you the ability to see the music moving along with the video. You can change the speed of the music, loop sections, view in fretboard mode and play along to the songs via the backing track mode. Check out the demos here.

Our Ear Training chapters also have an interactive feature helping you to improve this important aspect of playing the guitar.

Q – Can I get help from a teacher if I need it?
A – Yes. We have teachers located around the UK, with more joining regularly. You can book a lesson with them either in person or online and work through the syllabus together.

Q – What if I prefer to work through the syllabus by myself but need help from time to time?
A – Our soon to be released user forum will allow you to post questions to our team of qualified and experienced teachers. They are regularly online to help answer any queries you may have as quickly as possible. You can also book a one-off lesson rather than committing to continuous lessons if there is something you need more hands-on guidance with.

Q – Are there any new things that you will be launching?
A – Yes. On top of the release of level 5 and our user forum we are constantly adding to our library of Lick of The Week lessons and will soon be releasing a series called Tech Tips. This series will discuss and breakdown the technical side of guitars and guitar-related gear from amps and pedals to guitar types and guitar maintenance.

We are also working on short soundalike courses, where our tutors will breakdown the sounds and styles of iconic players and bands. Keep an eye out for these!

Q – How much is it?
A – The syllabus is usually £7 a month but with the 5ver discount code it is just £5. This discount gives you more than 25% discount every month and is valid for whole duration of your subscription. We are also offering 20% off every product with an annual subscription. Use the Veevar20 coupon code to get these great savings which are also valid for the duration of your subscription.   

Q – What if I want to cancel?
A – You can cancel at any time, there is no fixed time commitment. The first month is free so you have nothing to lose by giving it a try.

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