A unique learning tool

The Veevar Guitar syllabus consists of 5 levels. Each level contains various modules and chapters which include all of the key areas required to help your students become versatile and highly competent guitarists. The chapters within the syllabus are Technique, Chords, Scales, Theory, Ear Training, and Sight reading. Our videos are 100% focused on guitar playing. Our aim is to provide our teachers with a fully comprehensive and interactive syllabus which they will use as a brilliant aid when teaching their own students.

learn from the best

Veevar Guitar teachers are all of a high musical standard. By joining up with us you will be teaming up with some of the best musicians and teachers in the country.

clear instruction

The Veevar Guitar syllabus is written by professional guitarists and teachers. It is written in an easy way to understand with hint and tip boxes along with fretboard diagrams for scales and chords.

video tutorials

All syllabus videos feature a main shot and close up. The music notation is interactive with the ability to change tempo and solo, mute and loop tracks.