How much will I charge my students?

The amount charged for a lesson depends on your location in the UK. For example lessons in London are more expensive than in areas outside of London. We research your area with you and work out the appropriate hourly rate.

What do I get for the cost of my subscription?

For your monthly subscription fee you get a professional web presence which is becoming increasingly important in this day and age. We provide branded clothing, marketing material, a great online syllabus and therefore the core of your lesson planning is taken care of for you. We also act as your agent providing you with potential students. All this for a small percentage of what you earn.

Will I be able to claim my subscription fees as a business expense?

All business expenses should be able to be claimed as an expense so we see no reason why not. Although, we suggest you seek professional advice from an accountant to clarify this.

Will I be an employee of Veevar Ltd?

No, you would be self employed. We suggest setting yourself up as a sole trader or limited company. Again, we suggest you seek professional advice from a qualified accountant.

What things must I provide?

You will need to provide a public liability insurance certificate, a reference and a DBS check (disclosure and barring service) as this allows us to check any candidates backgrounds for criminal records and to identify whether they are suitable to work with children and vulnerable adults. You will also need to assure us that you have a professional environment to teach from. This can be a spare room in your home as long as it is a professional place to teach from.

How do you know how many lessons I have taught per month?

All of our teachers are required to share their calendar with us so both parties can see whether they are teaching their chosen amount of students.

Do you offer free trial lessons?

It is our policy to offer a free trial lesson to all new students. We offer lesson lengths of 30 minutes, 40 minutes or an hour. These lesson times are at your discretion and you can choose to offer any of these options to your students. If your potential new student is interested in 30 minute lessons you would offer a 30 minute trial lesson.

Do you have a cancellation policy?

Our policy is for 24 hours notice for cancellation of a lesson. We provide you with relevant letters and documents to hand out to your students. We recommend you inform your students of this policy in their first trial lesson.

How do you protect the syllabus from misuse?

Our teachers and students have their own password to access the syllabus. We can see when the Veevar Guitar syllabus is accessed and by whom. Where necessary, accounts will be deleted or passwords changed to protect the syllabus from unauthorised access.

Can I earn money other than or as well as teaching one to one lessons?

We do offer incentives for teachers to appear or contribute on our social media sites such as our Youtube channel. We also have possible roles for teachers on our website as moderators for forums or be available online to answer live chat questions from students. We also intend to run webinars and provide the opportunity for teachers to create their own specialised courses. For example advanced Jazz chord progressions or blues soloing.

Do you have plans to expand to other instruments?

Yes we are currently developing syllabus’ for various instruments and have other plans for expansion of Veevar