Veevar Guitar Syllabus 

Module 2

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Level 2, Module 2
Introduction – Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Introduction     Technique In this module you will learn string bends. We …

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Level 2, Module 2
Technique Training 02 – Bends & Vibrato (Beginner)

String Bending, Standard Vibrato, Vibrato with the Tremolo/Whammy Bar

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Level 2, Module 2
Essential Exercises 01

Chromatic Four-Finger Exercises

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Level 2, Module 2
Blues Basics & the 12 Bar Progression

Introduction to the 12 Bar Blues, Blues Chords and Shuffle Riff, The Blues Turnaround and Ending, Song Examples

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Level 2, Module 2
Intro to Improv

Introduction to Improvisation, Improv Over A 12 Bar Blues, 12 Bar Blues Examples, Backing Tracks

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Level 2, Module 2
Theory Throw Down 03 – Harmonising Scales – Part 1

Harmonising the Major Scale in 3rds, Stacking Thirds, Harmonising the Natural Minor Scale in 3rds, Song Examples

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Level 2, Module 2
Ear Training
Ear Training Elements 02

Identifying Root Notes: Major, Minor & Suspended Chords, Repeating Riffs: Blues, Minor Pentatonic & Natural Minor Scales, Identifying Rhythms: Minims, Crotchets, Quavers, Rests & Chords Changes

level-2 module-2-level-2ear-training
Level 2, Module 2
Sight Reading
Sight Reading Step-Up 02

Introducing Rests, 4 Bar Phrases, Sight Reading Exercises, Reading Chord Charts, Chord Chart Exercises, Rhythms – Minims, Crotchets, Quavers & Crotchet Rests, Chords – Major, Minor & Power Chords

level-2 module-2-level-2sight-reading