Annual Subscription Level 4 (4 Modules)

£35.00 / year



Level 4 – Professional



  • Double stop bends, unison bends, pre-bend, tone and a half bends, two-tone bends, two and a half tone bends
  • DADGAD Tuning, open tunings in A G D E F & C, C Standard tuning, slide guitar, and open tuning scales
  • Natural harmonics, tapped harmonics, and artificial/pinched harmonics
  • Chord voicing’s and percussive string slapping
  • Scale sweeping/economy picking, major and minor arpeggios, and min/maj/dom/dim 7th arpeggios



  • Barred sus2 & sus4 chords, minor/major 7 suspended chords, sharp 4 (#4) suspended chords, suspended 4th vs. Power Chords
  • Barred add9 chords – major & minor, major 6th, minor 6th and minor b6th chords, major6/add9 chords
  • The CAGED System
  • Major and minor triads and inversions



  • 5 Shapes of the major and minor scales with licks and songs
  • Using the CAGED System with scales
  • Major 7th arpeggios, minor 7th arpeggios, dominant 7th arpeggios, Minor 7b5 arpeggios



  • Intervals and compound intervals, intervals across multiple octaves, chords and intervals, and scales and intervals
  • Compound time signatures (6/8, 9/8, 12/8) 
  • Guitars played in harmony, harmonising in fifths, harmonising in thirds
  • Implying chord tones, non-diatonic chords, chord tone variation
  • Harmonising the major and minor scales in 7ths


Sight Reading

  • Introducing new keys and more octaves
  • Semiquavers and semiquaver rests
  • Ties
  • Compound time signatures
  • Flat keys
  • Includes chords and rhythms from previous chapters


Ear Training

  • Identifying advanced chords and rhythms
  • Playing back riffs using scales from the previous chapters
  • Identifying root notes of advanced chords


Lots of exercises and songs included. All this plus more!

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