Pentatonic Patterns – Lick of The Week #18

by | May 22, 2020

Today, Emiliano Bonanomi makes his first Lick of The Week appearance with some straight up, no-nonsense pentatonic patterns. This lick is based around an ascending three-note pattern with lots of pull-offs, bends and vibrato. Emiliano also uses some hybrid picking to pick the first note on the upper strings. This is a useful technique when having to skip strings as it avoids the need to make large jumps with your pick.

This is a great lick for beginners to expand on the pentatonic chops. But it’s also very useful for intermediate players to add to their vocabulary of licks and scale patterns. As it’s played in a closed position i.e. no open strings, this lick can be easily moved around the fretboard. Try this yourself to be able to use it in any other key that you’re playing in!

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