Guitar Frets Explained – Tech Tips #5

by | November 21, 2019

In this episode, Gareth and Joe cover everything you need to know about guitar frets and why they’re so important. From all the different shapes, sizes and materials, they explain how each of these can affect tone and intonation differently. It’s well known that frets have a really big impact on how well a guitar plays and feels. So, Gareth and Joe offer some great tips on what frets to go for depending on your style of playing.

Ever wondered why the frets on your guitar seem to wear down over time? Ever had frets so worn they need replacing? Well, Gareth and Joe cover the two main materials frets are usually made from and how they’re different. They also discuss some of the techniques well-known manufacturers are using to increase the lifespan of frets. Think exposing the metal to sub-zero temperatures!!

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