Guitar Nuts Explained – Tech Tips #3

by | September 6, 2019

Today we’re delving into the world of guitar nuts with our Tech Tip gurus, Gareth Cirket and Joe Barefoot. Much like their edible counterparts, guitar nuts also come in a number of different varieties each with a different purpose.

From plastic and bone nuts, to roller and locking nuts, Gareth and Joe talk us through them all. They also explain the pros/cons to different nuts and how they relate to different bridges which they covered last episode. If you missed that episode you can catch up on it here.

Let us know if you enjoy this video and stay tuned for more Tech Tips comings soon. You can reach out to us with any suggestions for parts of the guitar you would like us to cover. Find us on Facebook and Instagram and keep up-to-date with the latest Veevar Guitar news.


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