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Over the next two posts, we’ll be giving you a preview of our syllabus and how it works. In this first part, we will be looking at a lesson from Level 1 of the syllabus where we explore exercises for basic guitar technique. This beginner’s level lesson looks at the fundamentals of holding a guitar pick and positioning your fretting hand.

These are some of the foundations that all guitar players need from beginners to advanced professionals. So, if you’re new to the guitar, this will be the perfect taster for you. If you’ve been playing for a while, it will still be a very useful refresher. It’s always good to go over basics again to ensure you haven’t picked up any bad habits as you progress.

Hopefully, this will give anyone considering joining Veevar an idea of how we structure our lessons and integrate our interactive videos. These videos provide the core to much of the syllabus and are powered by Soundslice. They allow you to slow down and loop sections of the music to help you practice and play along.

Let’s jump straight into the lesson.


Developing Basic Guitar Technique

Every developing guitarist should get into the mindset that perfect technique is extremely important. Some players do not have good technique, yet they have written some of the most famous classic and well-known songs. You do not need to have great technique to write a basic four-chord song that sells millions of albums.

Yet, we would rather be the guitarist who can write that catchy four chord song but can also play a tasteful, technically accurate, and ultimately, cool guitar solo.

We think it is essential to learn good technique as early on as possible because it only makes you a better guitarist, and improves your learning as you move on to higher levels. It can also be very difficult to relearn the basics after a certain point, so getting into bad habits may make them almost impossible to rectify at a later stage. On that note, let’s go over the basics.


The Pick/Plectrum

How is your grip on the plectrum?  Make sure it is stable and not flapping around between your finger and thumb.


Hand holding yellow guitar pick from two viewpoints


The Right Hand

Resting your hand is vital to virtually eliminate any unwanted notes and it will improve your accuracy tenfold.



Four Finger Exercises

These exercises use four notes per string as opposed to previous exercises we’ve looked at that use three notes per string. This means you will require a bigger stretch to involve your fourth finger. Your thumb should be in the same position as the photograph below:


Exercise 1

First, we will try the exercise ascending from the 6th string to the 1st string.



Exercise 2

Now, try the same exercise descending from the 1st string down to the 6th string.



Exercise 3

Finally, join the two exercises together and practice ascending and descending.



Red box displaying tip for practising exercises


Next Lesson

So that concludes the first part of this basic guitar technique lesson and preview of the Veevar Guitar syllabus. This lesson was taken from Level of 1 the ‘Technique’ section, which you can find out more about here. Keep an eye for part 2 coming soon, which will continue with the foundations of good technique by introducing alternate picking; a powerful technique that every guitarist needs to learn.

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In the meantime, thank you for reading and happy practising.


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