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“Come one, come all, and tell your axe-wielding friends that Veevar Guitar has a new look.”


A Good First Start

Back in April 2018, we launched the first version of our website and online guitar syllabus designed to guide guitar players from complete beginners to professionals in a comprehensive and step-by-step manner. The core feature of this is a suite of interactive learning videos powered by SoundSlice technology.

After a successful launch, we were overwhelmed by the amount of positive feedback that all of you who joined the Veevar Guitar community provided. But like all ambitious projects of this nature, the saying that “Rome wasn’t built in a day” also applies to us. You’ve told us what you think; the features that you like, where there is room for improvement, and we have listened.

We have taken your feedback on board, and we are implementing the changes you asked for. That’s why we are thrilled to introduce you to our new and improved website.


What Are The Changes You Will Notice?

Well, initially you will see mainly cosmetic changes, such as an improved look and visual aesthetic. On top of this, we have made several improvements to the technical side of things. You won’t visibly notice most of these, but they will certainly improve your experience of the website. 


Find A Tutor Search Engine

We have also updated our tutor search engine that now allows you to search for tutors by location and speciality. This means that if you prefer to look for a guitar tutor who specialises in a style, genre, or technique that interests you, then now you can.


Screenshot of Find a Tutor page


Forum and Live Chat

Another feature we have introduced is a new and improved forum and community platform. Users will find the new platform has better navigation, ease of use, improved load-times and overall responsiveness. Once current users have tried and tested the new platform, we also plan to open the forums to the public. This means that a paid subscription won’t be necessary to access the wealth of knowledge and discussions on our forum. This will be an excellent move forward; creating a stronger and more diverse community of students and teachers.

Building on this community foundation, we also added live chat features allowing you to talk directly with Veevar guitar tutors. Just click on the speech bubble in the bottom right corner when visiting our website. So not only can you post your questions to the Veevar community, but you can also chat with one of our 20+ expert tutors. The live chat will give you instant responses to urgent questions that aren’t already in our forums or FAQs. How awesome is that?


Screnshot of Veevar Guitar Forum


Online Guitar Syllabus Monthly Subscription

Lastly, we are excited to reveal that we are lowering the price of our monthly subscription from £9 to £7. More often than not, companies announce that prices are going up, so we’re pleased to be doing the opposite today. We are also looking at making the site more cost-effective for tutors too and hope to have further announcements soon.

We feel both of these changes will benefit our members in terms of cost and by helping our community grow. This will then allow us to develop additional courses that focus on the topics that you want to learn. Remember to let us know what you would like to see more of in our syllabus.


Two standing guitar players on either side of pound sign with line through


More Improvements On The Way

These are the first of several changes and improvements we will be rolling out over the next few months. Other changes still to come, include improvements to the platform and the introduction of additional levels to the online guitar syllabus. So, stay tuned by signing up to our newsletter and follow us on social media for all the latest updates.

Thanks so much to everyone for all of the feedback so far, both students and teachers. Please keep giving us your feedback on the website, particularly on the new changes and the changes still to come.

If this is your first time here at Veevar Guitar then head over to our How It Works page to find out more about us. Or sign-up today to take your playing to the next level.

Thanks for reading and happy practising?


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